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Yes, we offer trial classes for free. The duration of the trial class will be between 40 to 50 minutes. If the students opt to enroll after the trial class, the trial class will be counted as the actual class

The duration of a class varies from 40 to 55 minutes, depending on factors like the nature of the program, class size and age of the student. For instance, if a 5 year old kid is taking solo keyboard class, it will go on for 40 minutes. In case of group class, the duration will extend up to 55 mins.

The minimum age for enrolling in a music class is 4 years old. For keyboard and Bharatanatyam, the minimum age requirement is 4.5 years old.

Yes, team Vidyarthi will come up with short courses on various art forms every now and then. We also invite renowned artists from the industry to provide such workshops. Keep a watch on the “Events” section for the upcoming workshops/short-term programs.

Yes, we conduct grade-level assessments every year which is completely optional for the students to take up. Upon successfully passing out the assessments, the students will be given the certificate of merit and can move on to the next grade.

Since the students are learning performing arts, it is important to overcome the stage fright and performance anxiety apart from learning the art. At Vidyarthi, we give the opportunity to the students to be able to take up assessments, which is often conducted in the presence of an external scholar or a renowned artist.

Usually, the class timings are allotted based on the availability of gurus. Students signing up for the slot are advised to stick to the same timings as it is very tough to accommodate the student in a different class/batch on an ad-hoc basis. The class timings won’t change unless there are unexpected delays or non-availability of gurus. During such instances, the student will be either notified early and compensated for the class at a different time which is mutually convenient, or a substitution class will be provided by another guru at the same time slot.

As mentioned above, compensation classes are only provided if the guru is unable to make it to the scheduled class. If the student is absent for the classes, he/she is not entitled for compensation classes. However, the compensation classes for students who skipped the class is at the guru’s discretion.

While there are no pre-requisites to join the music/dance/keyboard classes, some of the programs such as “Voice Training” requires the student to know the basics or at least be able to sing in the right pitch and rhythm.

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