About Us



Vidyarthi Centre of Excellence for Arts and Fine Arts is found to encourage, train, and develop the young and adult enthusiasts in music and dance. The main aim of the institution is to enhance the artistic excellence in the students through a structured training model. The school will be training enthusiasts online initially and sooner, will also extend its presence to physical premises to provide customized coaching experiences. Our school is one of the few art institutions to provide a syllabus based learning with a certification upon completion. We are not just a platform that connects the gurus with students. We, as an institution, take responsibility of the student’s progress and make sure they attain the knowledge desired through a structured training program. The option to choose freestyle coaching is also available on request.

Our Motto – “Grooming the students in the art of their choice through planting a strong foundation of the art with the help of a structured syllabus and letting them explore their creativity with the art later.”

The saying, “To break the rules, you just need to know the rules,” is the ideology behind the structured syllabus for our music and dance programs. However, the optional assessments and certifications are just to acknowledge the skills the student has gained through the courses. This curated syllabus based training helps the students to cultivate more interest in the art besides just learning them.

About the Founder

Gowri Shankar was born in Chennai and was brought up in Kumbakonam, the temple town of Tamil Nadu. He was born in a family that always had a penchant for music and always appreciated arts and artists. His affinity for computers started at a very young age and that made him pursue his Engineering degree in Computer Science in SASTRA University, Thanjavur.

As a successful Information Technology professional, he worked in India, United States and later moved to Singapore to explore greater depths in his IT career. He got married to Kalyani, a multi-faceted artist who excels in various art forms such as Carnatic vocal music, Bharatanatyam and Veena to name a few.

Kalyani’s passion for teaching fueled the thought of setting up a platform to bring great artists together to impart their valuable knowledge to aspiring musicians.

Thus, he has rolled out this venture called Vidyarthi Centre of Excellence for Arts & Fine Arts. Passion, versatility and uncompromising artistic/creative standards are the traits of our founder.

With a sound technology background, he brings to Vidyarthi, his immense experience from the field of IT management and takes care of the entire IT eco-system of the school. Vidyarthi’s goal is to set out a world-class centre for arts and fine arts and to pave a path for talents to excel.