My daughter is learning Carnatic music with Kalyani for nearly 6 months. They way she interacts and creates interest in kids is very good. She is kind, very friendly and patient. She is an excellent teacher . Her voice is truly Divine. My daughter really enjoys her classes. And I hope my daughter continues her music journey with Kalyani forever.

Mrs. Abisheka

Dear Team Vidyarthi, Its a great pleasure for us to join our daughter Parimi Akshara with this institute as we witnessed tremendous growth in her learning. Due to the continuous encouragement from her Guru Kalyani, her scale is improved from A to C. She gained confidence in singing and she is introduced to different styles of singing with all the efforts from her teachers. Our sincere thanks to teacher Kalyani for her dedication and passion in teaching to the kids. Best wishes to the team of Vidyarthi.

Mrs. Parimi Sridevi,


Gopalakrishnan is a great teacher. The best thing about him is that he Tailor’s the class based on the student. It’s not one size fits all. He does a SWOT analysis on the student and spends time to overcome weakness and use the strengths in a very positive way. I am happy that my son got a great teacher. This way the classes are very focused, and you see results very quickly.


Florida, USA

I have been learning music for a while now, but it’s only when I started learning from Madhu Akka, I got to learn the crux of Carnatic music. A student would always hope for a teacher who is patient, even-tempered and if luck persists, a guide who is also her friend, and in that way I think I am very lucky. She goes out of her way to give me more than music and sometimes friendly advice as well. It’s almost a year since I have started learning with her, and I can see that the progress I have had this past one year is much much more than in the many years prior to that.

You will get there" is what she says when I can't get a note or a phrase right. She has been giving me nothing but constant encouragement and support, which has only increased my passion and love for Carnatic music. I am so happy to be a student of hers, and hope to sing alongside her someday!

Thilaga Kathir,


BG is a Profound , versatile Singer, Shri Hariharan’s blessed disciple. BG's well versed singing techniques, I am a living proof who transformed me from a normal bathroom singer into miraculously 1.3k followers . Learning is joyful and result oriented for those follow his teaching



My daughter has been learning music from teacher Kalyani since March 2020. Last year, my 5 year old vehemently demanded to stop the carnatic classes she was going to. This year, since the time we started classes with teacher Kalyani, I notice that she looks forward to her weekly sessions. What makes her different is the various tricks she follows to help kids enjoy the music and to keep them engaged throughout the session. I see that my daughter is happy throughout the session and not bored. She gives each child attention as per their abilities and needs. It eliminates any undue pressure on a small child and makes the whole learning process enjoyable

Mrs. Priya Jayaraman,


Blessed to have teacher Kalyani as the music teacher for my daughter Ananya. She is the one who truly wants the best for her students. She always keeps her class more interesting so that kids can focus and concentrate. Being from a non-musical background, Ananya is able to explore her music interest with the teacher’s support and guidance. Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher

Mrs. Chitra Manivannan,